Written and Produced:
Junior Agyeman Owusu

Production Company:
Embeesea Media
r-chive Productions

Short Film


The Story:
A short story about a couple that are in and out of love with one another, unable to speak the words that they both desperately want to say, failing to embrace the love that both desperately need. A film that depicts the frustrations of love.

The exploration of Violence, Equality and Change.This film explores a moment in their journey as a couple: referencing the beginning, the end and the middle of their relationship – over a period of time but yet focusing only on a small moment (a few days) that is a reflection of their entire relationship. A moment that shows both consolidation and destruction of their love for one another.

This film questions whether anyone ever deserves to win anything regardless of their intention or due to sympathy from others. Life only rewards when you are able to see opportunity in everything, even in the smallest of things such as a piece of paper.

Written & Directed – Junior A.O
Produced – Monica Dee
1st AD – Jude Rogers
Camera – Monique Pert
Editor – Shaun D Nelson
Sound Design – Chanel Kiasi