Main conceptual video

We were comminissioned by Moniyang to launch visually their new urban fashion range -“Inside Out” using both photo and video. The idea for this campagin was to play with mood and color yet keep everything clean, but like we always do we wanted to play allot with the video and make it more conceptual and arty. Thanks to the whole team at moniyang and all the people that supported this small project. It was a very fun and creative project, and shooting both the photos and videos together always makes for an interesting shoot. A project that we worked closely with Junior Agyeman Owusu to capture right. We had literally less than 2 weeks to turn the project around. It took some looooooong days but the end product was worth it.

inside out _lookbook_a6_printer3

inside out _lookbook_a6_printer4

Behind the scenes


Conceptualization of ideas – AKA Think Tank
Visual Brand Management
Social Media Management
Website Creation
Video Creation