Embeesea Media was approached by Zeina Attar from Zyco Productions, who we worked on with waaaaaay back in the day on her Active Autism Project, to work with her on a new campaign and idea she had pertaining to the creation of a brand and business about laughter. At first we did laugh out loud but when Zeina began to break everything down, we knew that we are on the something big that could become something maaaaassive. We jumped onto the campaign and got to work in creating her brand, filming her TV programmes and managing her social media. In a nutshell, we are her visual marketing company!!! Zeina was convinced that she wanted to work with no other company to build the business visually. Above is the trailer for the first video we created for her Falling in LOL campaign.

Our services for Falling in LOL included:
Social Media Management
Film Production Service
Marketing Creation
Website Creation


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