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Embeesea Media Services
We are all about facilitating productions and making things happen. For this reason we are involved in every stage of production.

Services we provide:
1) Conceptualization of ideas – AKA Think Tank
2) Visual Brand Management

3) Social Media Management
4) Website creation
5) Film Production

Conceptualization of ideas – AKA Think Tank
Here we sit down with you to plan, sketch out and develop ideas. This is important because it’s here that we create the perfect project that corresponds directly to your objectives. Whether photo or film we strive to ensure that everything we create runs coherent with your brand so that there is harmony between your photography, adverts, websites and marketing campaign(s).

Visual Brand Management
We love branding! Branding is your image, your identity, the very thing that separates you from the rest. Without this, you’re simply a transparent fish in a sea, impossible to distinguish and separate from the good and the bad. Branding is not a logo! It’s an identity that you want people to associate with you. We at Embeesea, encourage brand awareness and its creation enables us to create media content ranging from photography to adverts that best visualize the objectives of your business. We have an in house team that specializes in developing brands and that works closely with your production teams when executing briefs.

Full Production Service
From developing an idea and sourcing the best crew, to the filming, editing and delivering your film, advert, photographs on your intended platform is what we specialize in. We are involved in every stage of production to ensure that the vision/idea is correctly communicated to our team to allow us to create the best possible job we can.

Social Media Management
Setting up social media accounts is start forward. That’s not what we do. Social media management is the way in which you use your social platforms to communicate. We work with you to create bespoke campaigns that represent the voice of your business.

Website creation
Whether you have a physical shop front or building. Everyone needs a website: one that represents the essence of your business and that can best represent what your business is about. We take pride in the websites we create and believe that the best websites are the simplest. The ones that have a concept, a plan, a brand, a distinctive voice.

Film Production
Film-making is our passion. When we are not creating, brands, conceptualizing, creating websites – the team works in films from lighting to producing. Films are the new painters of yesterday. Films capture the heart of your business objectives or idea. It’s one of the most effective ways in communicating any idea. We pride ourselves in creating innovative content that ranges from music videos to adverts.